AMD Ryzen 3000-Series 16-Core CPU Specifications Leaked

TUM_APISAK, a very well respected leaker in the hardware scene, has tweeted the alleged specifications for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3000-series 16-core processor, which is based on the Zen 2 processor microarchitecture and 7nm process node. The chip purportedly sports a 3.3 GHz base clock and 4.2 GHz boost clock.

AMD has only officially disclosed an eight-core Ryzen 3000 model, so the big takeaway today is purported confirmation that AMD will indeed offer a 16-core 32-thread chip, as hinted by AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su and listed in the infamous AdoredTV leak.

The renown TUM_APISAK, who has an excellent track record of providing reliable information, didn’t reveal the processor’s codename but did confirm that it does not follow the existing nomenclature and, therefore, cannot be unraveled with Marvin’s famous AMD Condename Decoder.

In the table below, we have the information from the AdoredTV leak that claims these are AMD’s forthcoming Ryzen 3000-series SKUs. If the rumor is accurate, the unidentified Ryzen 3000-series chip should carry the Ryzen 9 moniker. The emergence of a 16-core Ryzen model seems to bolster the claims, but these specifications have not been confirmed.

ProcessorCores / ThreadsGPUBase / Boost ClockTDPPrice
Ryzen 3 33006 / 123.2 / 4.0 GHz50W$99
Ryzen 3 3300X6 / 123.5 / 4.3 GHz65W$129
Ryzen 3 3300G6 / 12Navi (15 CU)3.0 / 3.8 GHz65W$129
Ryzen 5 36008 / 163.6 / 4.4 GHz65W$178
Ryzen 5 3600X8 / 164.0 / 4.8 GHz95W$229
Ryzen 5 3600G8 / 16Navi (20 CU)3.2 / 4.0 GHz95W$199
Ryzen 7 370012 / 243.8 / 4.6 GHz95W$299
Ryzen 7 3700X12 / 244.2 / 5.0 GHz105W$329
Ryzen 9 3800X16 / 323.9 / 4.7 GHz125W$449
Ryzen 9 3850X16 / 324.3 / 5.1 GHz135W$499
*Data in the table is not confirmed

As per TUM_APISAK’s information, the processor sports 16 cores, 32 threads and features a 3.3 GHz base clock and 4.2 GHz boost clock. There are talks that the boost clock could possibly scale to 4.5 GHz. The chip in question is an engineering sample (ES) and subject to change. Nevertheless, the operating clocks are most likely very close to what we can expect from the final product.

TUM_APISAK left an endnote that he might share a screenshot of the processor soon. We’ll update the article once the screenshot is available.

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