AMD Ryzen 6000 processors might arrive as soon as 2022

AMD Zen 4 desktop processors, code-named ‘Raphael’, could make their debut in 2022, according to a leaked roadmap.

The roadmap, leaked by MebiuW and shared by Videocardz, gives us a potential glimpse of where AMD is heading with its next-generation architectures, including its upcoming 5nm Zen 4 architecture. 

The first Zen 4 processors, code-named ‘Raphael’ might debut as early as 2022, according to the leak. The roadmap doesn’t tell us much about the so-called 5nm Ryzen 6000 CPUs, but it does mention Navi, which suggests AMD could be planning to bring iGPUs to its mainstream processors for the first time. 

AMD has a lot of products planned before the arrival of Zen 4, though. According to the roadmap, Team Red is preparing to release one last family of Zen 2 consumer CPUs before it shifts to its next-generation Zen 3 products. 

Codenamed ‘Van Gough’, these 7nm processors look set to launch early next year under the Ryzen 5000 series branding and could be the first AMD APUs to feature Navi graphics, if the leak is to be believed. 

While AMD is almost done with Zen 2, it has a lot planned for its next-generation Zen 3 architecture. Although the firm has already confirmed its Eypc Milan and Ryzen 4000 ‘Vermeer’ APUs, it looks like the company might also planning three more CPU families.

AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Warhol’ desktop CPUs are tipped to mid-2021, and these will allegedly be based on an enhanced 7nm+ process and boast PCIe4 support. According to previous rumors,  Warhol CPUs could also be the first to feature the brand new AM5 platform. 

Prior to the release of Warhol, is looks like AMD might also be planning Ryzen 5000 ‘Cezanne’ APUs, which may be the last APU to feature on the AM4 socket. 

The final product in AMD’s leaked Zen 4 lineup is Ryzen 6000 ‘Rembrandt’ APUs, which are likely to launch in early 2022 and feature Navi 2 GPU cores.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that AMD has yet to confirm any of these leaked details, so we’d take this leak with a pinch of salt. However, we’ll likely be hearing more from the company in a few weeks time. 

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