Crucial Claims 6,024 MHz DDR4 RAM Overclock Record on AMD Hardware

It’s not often we see memory overclocking records with an AMD CPU.

Lately we’ve been seeing more competition in the RAM overclocking scene, with traditional leaders like G.Skill having to share the world record spotlight. Now it’s Crucial’s turn, as its 8GB Ballistix Elite DIMMs were cranked to the ludicrous speed of 6,024 MHz

Of course, some liquid nitrogen may have been harmed in the process of setting this new world record. This isn’t the type of overclocking you can achieve on your daily-use computer.

The record was set by overclocking teams from Asus and Micron. What’s particularly interesting is that the CPU used was an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X – because it’s not often that we see memory overclocking records happening with AMD CPUs. The motherboard used was the Asus Crosshair VIII Impact with an X570 chipset.

“Both overclocking teams worked tirelessly to finetune BIOS settings on our newly-released ROG Crosshair VIII Impact board to unleash the capabilities of the Micron die,” Albert Chang, general manager of the motherboard BU of Asus, said in a statement. “

This isn’t the first record that Crucial has set in recent times.  The vendor said its Ballistix memory has set three overclocking records over the past five months. 

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